I am strongly commited to open science and am sharing my codes in my github page code. Yes my nickname is spotz on github which means sparrow in elsacian. On this page, I also share with the community some codes that I wrote through my career, some I am very proud of, some are a shame and do not deserve even the name of code. They are provided without any warranty but you can always write to me if you need help. It is beside a section of my website still under construction and I plan to polish, comment more and increase the number of codes that I store here.


-This code allows to compute all the component of the Einstein tensor starting from a given metric.
-This code calculate relativistic corrections to SPT and the loop integral, therefore allowing to reproduce some results presented in that paper.
-This code calculate the consistancy relation presented in Appendix E of that that paper.
-This code calculate analytically the perturbation theory kernels up to 4th order (easy to generalize to more) for any given function for the seed fields (delta/theta/phi). It is quite flexible.
-This code fit the supernoavae data Union 2.1 to the FLRW model and the fractal model that I wrote down. It allow to reproduce some of the results that I presented here and here.


-This code provides various plotting routine that I used to postprocess my simulation results fallows to reproduce the fit of the RAMSES data for the Tully-Fischer relation studied here . My RAMSES outputs as well as the data from my halo finder algorythm are available upon request.
-This code provides various plotting routine that I used to postprocess my simulation results. See here for more.
-Here, we stored the code d3p that I helped Thomas Montandon (a PhD student at APC, Paris) to develop. This code produces inital conditions for the N-body code gevolution that are relativistic et non-linear.


- This is my patched version of RAMSES that I modified to take into account for the second gravitational potential and its different gravitational behavior that arises in the antigravity cosmology, see here for results at galactic scales.