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Trait aux blancs, Stahl, C.-Becht, L. 0-1, Bischwiller (07/07/2006)


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This website offers a bunch of tools for the curious physicist such as cloud genereration:
Mine sounds very german with "de Sitter" and "Schwinger". It is also possible to relate a given researcher to others, such that by searching "Clément Stahl", I realized I was very close from William C C Lima, Luca Buoninfante and Markku Oksanen which I have never heard of but I am sure are very nice kind people that it would be very interesting to meet. Maybe they are some sort of double of me, the only way to check is to go to Brazil, Italy and Finland. It is also possible to see that searching "Jorge Noreña", he is very close to Marko Simonović, Enrico Pajer, or Leonardo Senatore. I made a second cloud with my closer collaborators at the moment: