Welcome to my personal webpage!
I do research and write papers on different topics in theoretical cosmology and galactic physics including large scale structure, dark matter and the impact of the physics of the first instants of the universe (inflation) in the large scale structures.

I am currently a PostDoc at Strasbourg's observatory which is also my hometown. Before I was a PostDoc at APC (Paris) working on numerical cosmology. Before, I was a Postdoc at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in Chile studying theoretical aspects of the formation of the large scales structures of our universe. Previously, I spend three years in ICRANet , Pescara (Italy) to prepare a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Remo Ruffini . I defended my thesis the 23rd january 2017 in Sapienza university of Rome, it was entitled "On early and late phases of acceleration of the expansion of the universe" .
My PhD was funded by the European Union within the program Erasmus Mundus.

Previously, I graduated from the university of Paris Sud doing a master of cosmology, particle physics and nuclear physics (NPAC). My master thesis was about Loop Quantum Cosmology in the Cosmic Microwave Background.

If you want more details about me feel free to take a look at my academic CV.